Surveys of stabilizers for telephones.

Surveys of stabilizers for telephones.

A stabilizer or steadicam for a phone is a gadget that is used to eliminate the involuntary “shake” of the camera, the shooting is smooth and clear.

All stabilizers are divided into two types – mechanical and electronic. The simpler ones are mechanical steadicams, they use weights to stabilize the shooting, expensive models can be equipped with special software to improve their work.

Electronic models also have a stabilization control processor; a built-in battery is provided for power supply. Such gadgets simplify shooting by almost completely isolating the camera from the user’s movement. In this case, a special application is installed on the smartphone, which controls the shooting process.

Depending on the number of axes along which stabilization is carried out, there are 2-axis and 3-axis stabilizers, 3-axis models provide a better picture.

Many models are also equipped with a selfie stick, which expands the shooting possibilities. The modern steadicam is a compact and lightweight gadget that is easy to carry and very simple to use.

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