Keke Napep in Ashanti

Keke Napep in Ashanti
Keke Napep in Ashanti
Keke Napep in Ashanti.

The duo – three of them women – have been named as co-defendants, and the first batch of their names has not been made public yet.

Mr Napep – whose first name is written after a character in the show’s “Boys & Men” tale – was accused of making threatening comments toward a friend.

He told a hearing of the case at Old Bailey Court on Tuesday: ‘I’ve had this nightmare with being a man’s ‘friend’.

‘I’ve had this nightmare with having to make threats – and I’m totally innocent’.

But he added he does not believe his actions had any ‘proper intent to harm other men’.

In fact, this woman has had to stand trial in court on three counts – one involving the alleged attack on her by Mr Napep during dinner, and two charges for ‘inciting a false complainant to engage in indecent behaviours,’ among other things. Keke Napep in Ashanti
She had been married for 40 years to a man named Mr Napep in 1998.

Now married and caring, Mr Napep’s marriage has been shattered, with his ex-wife now claiming to be the only child of Mr Napep’s four children and four mothers.

Last month he was sentenced to eight years for the alleged attack on Ms Meighan (above)

‘I got married off. I knew I could have