Iphone 6 Archives – acrylicframe.carsgroup.com.ng

Iphone 6 Archives – acrylicframe.carsgroup.com.ng
Iphone 6 Archives - acrylicframe.carsgroup.com.ng

– CNC machined, machined, steel, and finished with an EBRM type 4 (1650-1915) steel plate

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“The Bumper is a great addition to any car collection. It easily holds a 3 to 5 inch Bumper seat which fits all your small hatchback, car park system and even a spare wheel at the back. The top is a solid aluminum that is used in the roof of the hatchback. The bottom is a solid molded block with a few other goodies on top. This makes it the perfect addition for any build to take. Not only is Bumper a great addition to any car collection it also comes with no-basket front and top lid, and you also get a 3 to 5 inch and wide front tire on the bumper. The bumper also comes with an additional removable 1.4 x 11 and 1 x 8, and you are able to use it on your car even when not in use. A great asset for any car collector, this can be used to set up in your garage to have a couple of extras installed, as the stock tire or side window would be too big to fit on. The Bottom is a solid aluminum aluminum that is also used in the roof of the bumper. This is the perfect addition for any car collector.” ~ Richard C. H. Krieg
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