Evaluation Of Chinese Movie Subtitle Translation Technique

Evaluation Of Chinese Movie Subtitle Translation Technique

Chinese songs and films have been popular in Indonesia and have been favored by Indonesians. Chinese motion pictures, especially motion movies, are very popular within Indonesians. There are nonetheless very few people who grasp Chinese in Indonesia, so Indonesian people are very depend on Indonesian subtitles when watching Chinese movies. The objective of this examine is to grasp the interpretation strategies used in the subtitle and the issues that exist.

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This research analyzes the subtitle translation of main characters’ dialogue of the flicks “Brotherhood of Blades”, “Rise of the Legend”, “The Assassin”, “Bloody Destiny”, “The Monkey King 2” and “My Beloved Bodyguard”. According to the analysis, essentially the most generally used film subtitle translation strategy is paraphrase. In addition, the subtitle translation also needs to concentrate to word choice, conjunctive phrases, word order, polysemous which means items, optimistic and negative form, plot and scene, cultural elements. Pragmatics is the study of which means that’s utilizing non-linguistics information by contemplating the intentions of the utterance, the context, and the social world. Impoliteness is a communicative strategies with the opposite orientation, that of attacking one’s interlocutor and causing disharmony. In easy definition, impoliteness can be interpreted as rudeness.

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However, Culpeper’s suggestion is that impoliteness is intentional whereas rudeness is unintentional negative behavior. This paper research the impoliteness strategies used in motion movies. The information of this research are the excerpts of dialog which are produced by all the characters with containing impoliteness technique in action films. The result of the study shows that impoliteness technique which is used is bald-on document, positive impoliteness, and adverse impoliteness that are ninety four cases. This research examined the methods employed by the principle character within the Hancock film named John Hancock to assault his interlocutors’ face, the way the recipients responded to his impoliteness, and the way he used impoliteness to exercise his power.

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Also, the study discovered that the recipients used all strategies to reply to Hancock’s impoliteness, besides abrogation and dismissing. The finding provides substantially to our understanding that silence as an impoliteness technique might also serve the aim of exercising power. This, of course, is open to debate and further analysis would verify or contradict this declare. The second step, substitute the column with the genre you wish to watch.

Here VOI makes use of the code for the search subject for action comedy films. The film set in a world with extremely advanced know-how where autonomous vehicles have turn into commonplace. Gray Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) is a mechanic who doesn’t like autonomous vehicles. Tak Dong Kyung, is a lady who is suffering from an incurable disease.

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