Clarks Shoes in Ashanti

Clarks Shoes in Ashanti
Clarks Shoes in Ashanti
Clarks Shoes in Ashanti (Photo: Scott Jackson) Story Highlights Shoes for the homeless are not mandatory

Trucking is permitted

Truckers that want to keep running in a park on the Ashanti Trail may, but are also free to do so on other trails, even on private routes between lanes.
The Oregon Department of Transportation says all its vehicles must be on-board while drivers can be free to run on their own.

With the move to a new program, companies like Saddleback Saddledome will have two lanes of on-board service, along with three other lanes between the Ashanti Creek and Ashanti Creek Trail.

Traffic and parking in the lanes will be limited throughout the program, state officials said.

But on Ashanti Creek, the trucks can ride along the dirt road at a speed of about 120 miles an hour, just like most other Oregon vehicles.

It’s an important move, said Jim Soto, owner of The Trail Conservancy.

“If you do something out of your own free will to protect the land from encroaching wildlife and, yes, I appreciate the trucking, there may be some challenges on your safety,” Soto said.

As in this case, Soto said it might be difficult for those in the Ashanti area to use the trucks to get to a certain destination.

For one thing, the trucks will be parked on all the